Universal Jobmatch Shows This Government’s True Attitude To Online Safety

Last Updated: July 24, 2013By

Attention has been drawn to the drawbacks of Universal Jobmatch many times since it was introduced, as Johnny admits in his latest post, but the joy of this article is that it brings together David Cameron’s newfound piety about porno – his plan to force consenting adults to ‘opt in’ to porn viewing sites (presumably so the government will have something to hold against them) with the fact that the jobsearch site that Job Centre Plus employees are forcing the unemployed to visit is “littered with … sex work vacancies which could place vulnerable jobseekers at horrific risk”.
Spot on. Once again, Cameron is caught in a hideously embarrassing and contradictory position.
How long do we think we’ll have to wait before the mainstream news media wake up to this one?

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