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  1. Steven Goodman

    currently experiencing the same kind of manipulation by the DWP. Letter was dated the 12th of june,yet didn’t arrive till the 19th of June. (Costing me one week of a 4 week appeal window). They failed to advise me of their reasons for placing me in the WRAG group. So as informed by the website that I could ask for details over the telephone and/or get a hard-copy inside 14 days. The two telephone reps claimed not to have access to the information..in spite of the fact my records are computerized and they would have been sitting next to or near a computer terminal so their claims stand as deleberiate obstruction of my right to a “fair” appeal.

    I requested the appeal forms and a copy of their evidence for placing me in the WRAG section (As I am receiving a “severe disability premium” which stands contaidictory to their placement of me).

    I sent a letter requesting an appeal, Which they have acknowledged – yet still their evidence is being with-held so I have an appeal going through without knowing what I am appealing against.

    Where this cavalier attitude comes from is possibly via UNUM Insurance Corporation acting as advisors to the DWP. This is a company that lobbied MP’s in 2002 with a plan to privatise welfare in the UK. It was a plan which included a section on how to manipulate public opinion against the unemployed and disabled. UNUM claim the plan was shelved – yet Tory rhetoric and manipulation comes straight from the pages of the plan (They didn’t even have the intelligence to adapt the language to their own purpose)

    The target of the Welfare Privatization concept is not the Unemployed and disabled, we are merely collateral damage to a far wider concept. If welfare is devalued below the accepted poverty-line, then the workforce will learn to fear redundancy. Which UNUM envisage will make the public seek other protection – Enter UNUM’s “unemployment protection insurance policies” – of course as with the previous privatizations (Water, power, transport and communications) the public will pay through the nose for it. I also suspect there will be no refund from national insurance contributions that are gathered for welfare protection.

    It is a little known fact (Reported by the Daily Express and ignore by the rest of the news media) that David Cameron received a £750,000 benefit package from private medical firms (Tie that to what is happening in the NHS – privatization via the backdoor – I feel we need to have a forensic accountancy firm to look for financial links with insurance corporations)

    I base this on the fact the US Government won’t allow the company to tender for state or federal contracts. As they are subjected to litigation from the American public concerning their use of immoral and illegal means to avoid paying out on policies.

    So why has the government gotten into bed with such a shady partner? The truth of the current political environment is that the Tories are running amok without input by the LIB-DEMS who are effectively a sleeping partner in this joint enterprise (So deeply asleep in fact they might as well be dead!).

    I suspect there has to be some form of payment or funding being made…otherwise why use a firm with such a bad reputation?

    will update you on my “work related interview” at the local job center and the outcome
    of my appeal against unseen evidence…(bit naughty ain’t it?)

    1. Mike Sivier

      You’re spot on with regard to Unum, devaluing the welfare system and selling insurance to people in work – this blog (and other people) have been broadcasting the facts for some time.

      Good luck with your appeal; if it gets to the point where it goes ahead and you STILL haven’t received the details, use it as a reason for the tribunal to find against the DWP/Atos – they haven’t provided a reason for putting you into the wrong group.

  2. Steven Goodman

    Thanks Mike, even without DWP evidence I have a reasonable case for maximum points from the fact I have a co-morbidity of 6 mental/emotional/learning disabilities. The reason for me being vocal is that I have a “fight to the death” response to be bullied at any level. The current Government are of course the bullies now in my “cross-hairs”

    As I have often stated to others “I am mentally ill – not terminally stupid!”

    Those that are trying to betray us to the International corporation’s will have to get out of bed early to get one past me! .

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