3 thoughts on “Slave Britain: What will happen to YOU if #Britain scraps human rights? #humanrights

  1. Richard Iles

    What makes me sick about the whole thing is the way they plaster it into their media tabloids to try and brainwash the readers of the country. They used Abu Qatada as their reason for scrapping the whole thing stating that “It makes it harder to remove dangerous extremists from our country” That would automatically make every moron in the country; who assumes we are currently holding on to thousands of illegal immigrants, think that we can ship them out the moment the law is amended. They don’t seem to realise that as soon as we are free from it there will be no Unions, no limit to working hours in a week, minimum wage can be scrapped and anybody who isn’t in the Prime Ministers phone book will be left to starve.

    1. bookmanwales

      Unfortunately you are right. It is not about “extremists” but bringing back slavery. Abolishment of legal aid, new police powers, strangling of the unions, the final nail will be the end of Human rights.
      But as you quite rightly say the morons in this country will laugh when Rights are abolished and will only realise the truth when corruption jumps up and smacks them personally and they have no recourse.

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