4 thoughts on “Councils decision exposes the sham of bedroom tax decision making by all councils (and landlords!)

  1. guy fawkes

    I was told by the housing association that I rent from that housing benefit is awarded on the number of bedrooms your tenancy agreement says the property has, adding that the 50 or 70 sq ft ruling is a fallacy and would therefore not reclassify the number of bedrooms the house that I rent has for bedroom tax purposes.

    1. Mike Sivier

      It isn’t a fallacy. I believe the relevant piece of legislation was looked up a short while ago. I might even have it in an article on this blog. Look up Vox Political bedroom tax and see what the articles say.

      1. guy fawkes

        Even if it was shoved under the councils/landlords noses in black and white they would still refute it, it would mean landlords or home sellers losing out if they had to downgrade a three bedroom house to a two bedroom house because of bedroom sizes.

  2. J Gadsby

    It is not true about the size of the room, we have asked so many people, if you can prove show it

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