Paul Foot on the Insurance Company Unum and Cuts to Disability Benefit in Private Eye from 1995

We should be grateful to Beastrabban for digging up this little gem from Private Eye, showing that Unum was hired by Peter Lilley during the last Conservative government – not by Labour – and demonstrating that the conflict of interest in a company advising the government and then profiting from the consequences of its advice was clear from the start – and ignored in the fashion that is now commonplace in the Coalition government; they seem to think that if they ignore these evident signs of corruption, we will. They are wrong.

2 thoughts on “Paul Foot on the Insurance Company Unum and Cuts to Disability Benefit in Private Eye from 1995

  1. Gary

    Sounds more like America every day here in the UK – and this so called government need to come clean it all sounds corrupt.
    Especially employing ” Unum – Atos ” a company working on with bonus and target policy’s which FAIL to provide adequate insurance policy’s as in the States and failing and wrong diagnosis of disabled people through the use of non experienced or trained health care Doctors which results in negative, wrong and misleading reports sent to the DWP.
    And then for Unum to advertise health Insurance for sale to the public here is absolutely outrageous – the ill or disabled people are being shot in the face and then stabbed in the back by Mr Cameron and his policy’s.
    The NHS in our country is excellent and working properly to a high standard with highly trained nurses and doctors and it’s the envy of the world, paid for through our National Insurance.
    It dose not need privatizing or splitting apart, nor do the people want that either this government needs to stop trying to dupe and con the public and it’s tax payers into believing anything else.

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