Shocking ambulance survey is microcosm of NHS attrition

So here you have it: According to paramedics in an English ambulance trust, cost-cutting changes brought in by the Coalition government are endangering patient safety. Every single paramedic who was surveyed agreed on this – as far as I can remember it is the first time I have ever seen a 100 per cent result in any such survey. So we have a government that is setting out to create a worsening situation in the NHS, and then attacking the service because of it.
Please share this with everybody – tell the country and the world what lying, underhand and deadly animals we have in place of a government.

2 thoughts on “Shocking ambulance survey is microcosm of NHS attrition

  1. colinthefish

    Hello, I have many close friends that work for the NHS and they have all seen what damage the twats in govt have caused! As a user of the service I have also noticed just how bad things are getting. The consultants are fantastic but have their hands tied when it comes to giving treatment etc. It has got to the point that I travel an hour to go to Kings College hospital as my local hospital is awful (MAYDAY in Croydon). I’m lucky enough to have close friends near me to take me over when I’m unwell. I have tried to get health insurance but NO-ONE will insure me as I am not able to be medication free for two if they do manage to privatise the NHS I’m stuffed!! Elfie Frazer. Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 08:51:24 +0000 To: [email protected]

  2. jeffrey davies

    yes the nhs was safe in their hands for five minutes then they sold it off to Unum and Americano firms jeff3

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