Only one problem with the government’s list of top ten benefits fraudsters – it doesn’t exist

Tom Pride catches the Mail and the Express with their pants down, telling lies on behalf of the government. The people concerned could justifiably sue those papers for slander, on the grounds that they AREN’T on a government ‘top ten benefit fraudster’ list, and that they DIDN’T defraud the taxpayer out of anything like as much money as those tabloids (let’s not call them newspapers) are suggesting.

5 thoughts on “Only one problem with the government’s list of top ten benefits fraudsters – it doesn’t exist

  1. Nick

    the way this country’s going we will be on par with Egypt

    at least they managed to get rid of there Mohamed Morsi who they elected in good faith as president. one very big problem thou was that prior to his win he stood before the people much like David Cameron and spoke a load of old bull

    Had it not been for the downfall of the old president Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak in which the Egyptian had suffered years of abuse morsi might of got away with it but thank god the people of Egypt relised they had made a bad error and were now going to get rid of morsi on the grounds he lied to them at the election and over his first year in office nothing had changed it was just like mubarek was president in other words the country was still in deep sxxx

    Cameron has been lucky with only the one riot to his name over the past 3 years but my gut feeling is that it wont be the last and my deep concern is that should he remain in power this country will end up like Egypt and become a police state

    i am not criticising the Egyptian police at all as i believe it was the right call to remove morsi from power owing to deception in that he got elected on false promises and with democracy being new to the country it was paramount that the world could see in action a new elected leader who got into power on being a man of integrity

    this as we now know morsi was not a man of integrity and like his bad predecessor Mubarak the only options was for the police to take away his power or to wait the 5 years for the next election

    Personally i think they were right to take away morsi’s presidency as it was deceptive’ others will think they should have waited the 5 years because that is the way democratic countries work after all Cameron has got way with being deceptive IE spoke a lot of bull and has gone on to hurt many people since the last election and still remains in power

  2. Anthony Turtle

    Just like the top ten list for tax avoiders – it doesn’t exist, however with this government of the two lists the tax one will never exist as it would have too many Tories or their supporters on it.

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