RTU’s breakfast – a ‘Soundbite Britain’ supplement


Here’s the first ‘political blipvert’ created by Vox Political‘s fellow blogger at Another Angry Voice, on the subject of Iain ‘Returned To Unit’ Smith and the hugely expensive breakfasts he has claimed from taxpayers’ money.

It’s ironic that this should come on the day I find that Mrs Mike’s ESA has been terminated without notification.

Readers may recall she appealed against the decision to put her into the work-related activity group back in January this year, after being advised by a work programme provider that it was not possible to help her, in her current condition. The DWP says it is in receipt of that appeal. Clearly its officers have done nothing about it.

Now we’ve been told to claim Income-Related ESA and I’m printing out the forms as I write this article. It will be accompanied by a sternly-written letter of complaint which I will also forward to my MP, in the hopes that it might do some good.

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16 thoughts on “RTU’s breakfast – a ‘Soundbite Britain’ supplement

  1. dbsfilms

    Department of Jerks for Perks, run by the mansion dwelling, panty claiming, banquet breakfasting man who would be king… and all on the back of the Welfare State.

    Seriously, if anyone wants to know how to work the system to live in the lap of luxury at taxpayers expense, look no further than IDS.

    Swimming pool, tennis court, stay at home wife. A lifetime living large all paid by the state, meaning you. And his thanks for all that we have done for him?

    Homelessness, hunger and poverty. The workhouse, ATOS, cuts, sanctions, disdain, abuse and disregard.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Thanks. I can see myself having to burn the candle at both ends to get out of this one – she’s not well and can’t handle the stress in any way.

    2. Mike Sivier

      … So if everybody could please go out and buy the book, it’ll give us an alternative means of support! Then they won’t be able to put us in this situation.

      1. First Night Design • Rogues & Vagabonds

        Nearly did that yesterday. Today I will! I know exactly what it’s like to cope with major stress and then reach the limit. Please give Mrs Mike (makes me think of Fred Macaulay on R4’s News Quiz and Mrs Fred which I love) a big hug from me and try to make her laugh! This has helped me through mountains of stress. (The memoirs are being written!)

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  3. bri341

    And this man tells us that we can live on £57 a week, he spent over half that and breakfast. The man is totally soulless and arrogant

    1. Gavin MacMillan

      Over half? His breakfast cost closer to 3/4 of £57 than 1/2. So that leaves him £18 for the rest of his meals and bills. I wish him luck on his surving the rest of the week successfully. That the so called opposition cannot seem to touch him and that the mainstream media seem to glide over his incompetence and lying would indicate he has some powerful anti-stick coating. Given how many people have died at his hands, maybe he should be called the Teflon Terminator!

  4. Jonathan Wilson

    “hte condems, not only lie about statistics and figures… but can’t even do a simple sum, since when does 1% of 71.00 equal 70p”

    I am assuming the original was 71.00 as its bandied about, but confirmation would help 🙂

      1. Jonathan Wilson

        Was not a quote, was meant to be a soundbite; mixing IDS’s “beliefs” over real verifiable facts and statistics with the fact that they can’t do a simple sum correctly.

        Having found the rate for 1012-2013 it was in fact 71.00, as I believed it to be, http://www.lancashire.gov.uk/corporate/web/viewdoc.asp?id=86323

        A 1% uprating should equate to 71p not the actual 70p that the gov calculated it to be.

        They have stolen 1p from everyone each and every week.

      2. Jonathan Wilson

        The same holds true for the under 25 rate… 56.25>56.80.

        56.25 *1%=0.5625 = 56.8126 =56.81

        And by extension I guess all the other uprated benefits are less that the actual 1% but i haven’t checked them all.

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