4 thoughts on “Do Job Centre Staff Now Need Training In Resuscitation And Should All Job Centres Have Defibrillators?

  1. Lindsay

    How stupid are we, the Government makes the rules not the DWP staff do they have to work when they are not well or is that just applicable to the new breed of underclass that our wonderful country seems to be behind

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  3. Jonathan Wilson

    Considering the fact that they didn’t even know the basics of the recovery position, something I was taught on a basic first aid course during my cycling proficiency test while still at school and again in my first job flipping burgers for the wimpy, would you really be happy to have them use something that would be more likely to stop a heart than re-start it? Same applies to chest pumps.

    Mind you I would not put it past IDS and McVile to decide that anyone failing to do enough work in finding a job should be mandated to undergo defribrillation as part of its “nudge” strategy, if it kills you then its a positive benefit outcome; if it doesn’t then you’re unlikely to want it happen again so will buck up your scrounging arse and get a job.

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