Bailey ‘hounding’ investigation dropped. Now there’s a surprise..

I’ve tried to keep Vox Political out of the ‘Cure’ debate as much as possible, because I don’t really know that much about it. However, this seems a very useful article to reblog, simply because of the way events have taken place – the fact that police contacted the alleged victim of a smear campaign AFTER she had complained in the media, the fact that – after they found no evidence – her supporters have claimed it is a miscarriage of justice… The clear attempt to sway public opinion despite having not one scrap of usable evidence.
Take this away and apply it to much of the political debate in the UK today – for example, the claim that the bedroom tax would save nearly £500 million that has been swept away by evidence it is costing £1.5 billion MORE. The government will certainly try to say this evidence is nonsense, even though it is a hard fact, set against a prediction that was probably drawn out of thin air.