7 thoughts on “Coming your way: £3.8 billion to spend on public health

  1. Jessica

    I dont trust my local council will spend the money wisely, i think that this handling of the sittuation wont do any good, what’s your opinion?

  2. garyxxxg

    Sounds like another step towards American style Health Care – This government are in bed with Unum / Atos and if they get their way the NHS will be shut down
    It’s a very sneaky way there doing it as well – being seen to give money away to local council’s knowing quite well it is no where enough – and them blame them for the NHS downfall.
    What’s next private medical insurance – just what this government really wants and who’s at the forefront for this ” Unum ” Typical Tory backstabbing and conning the British public whilst blaming someone else.
    They need to get out of number 10 now before they kill anymore people and this country

  3. Cllr Chris Cooke

    I’d be happy if they just spent it in a way that didn’t make our health even worse!!! Can’t say i have too much faith in what goes on in hospitals etc.

    I understand fluoride in the water is one of the responsibilities being moved to the County Councils. Just removing that poisonous fluoride waste product (hexafluorosalicic acid + 2% heavy metal and arsenic impurities!!) would be very helpful for our health. Don’t you think? 🙂

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