1 thought on “Destabilising the Global Price of Oil – the Real Reason for the Ousting of Saddam Hussein

  1. Big Bill

    I think you’ll find it was more about protecting the value of the dollar, which is backed effectively by being the petrodollar. Hussein was selling oil for Euros instead of dollars, threatening the dollar’s value. Bye-bye Hussein. Gaddafi was selling it for his own custom-made gold dinars and encouraging other African nations plus the OPECS to follow suit. Bye-bye Gaddafi. Do you remember the Libyan rebels, one of the first things they did was set up a new central bank? Odd behaviour for rebels, no? 🙂 Eh, gringo, we don’ need your steenking central bank! I mean, come over here and murder our policewomen, no problem. Mess with the dollar and you’re dead. Iran’s trading oil with Russia for stuff that isn’t dollars, refined petroleum products IIRC, which is why it’s on the hit list. Syria has its own central bank which is independent from the Western’s banking network (as is Iran’s) so it’s kind of a stepping stone to Iran. Western banking doesn’t like Islam anyway or its countries as Islam frowns on usury, which is what the West is founded on. Follow the money and all will be revealed.

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