3 thoughts on “Housing development where Osborne gave his speech will have separate entrances for rich and poor

  1. HomerJS

    So the economy is recovering? Well the BBC reports that unemployment is down 24000. Then I read this at the end of the report.

    “The ONS is 95% confident that the main unemployment figure is correct to plus or minus 85,000 people.”

    I wonder if any reporter will include an explanation on what this means when they talk about the fall in unemployment.

    1. Florence

      It obviously goes over most journo’s head to try & explain really what the figures mean, so they just roll along with the Tory scum press releases. In doing so they deceive and patronise the people of this country.

      What I would like to know from the ONS is the impact of sanctions on these figures, and the confidence limits on the figures. It should be more than +- 85,000, I think.

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