13 thoughts on “Proof that ATOS expect people with incurable conditions like cerebral palsy to “get better”

  1. lari

    Stunned. I thought I had seen it all, having endured the Atos grotesque twice. No matter how low you think they can go, they have a habit of lowering the bar.

  2. roz ransom

    What a disgrace ..and THESE people are NOT DOCTORS…they are quacks who would not get a job as a doctor …

  3. rossjwarren

    And who set up the contracts? Which party negotiated the secret terms, aims and goals of ATOS. The Labour party. As long as we accept that all three main parties have blood on their hands we might make some progress,

  4. vince hawkins

    When i had my medical i ask the nurse(and thats what she told me she was a nurse)so therefore not qualified to take a medical.i said,are you going to examine me,she said that she was not allowed to do a hands on examination.She also totally ignored the information provided by 2 Consultants,a Doctor and a physiotherapist.Who would you take notice of.

  5. garyxxx

    Typical Atos – tick this box pathetic system – ran by pathetic undertrained wona bees – costing the tax payer £millions and ill / disabled people their lives.
    The nurse that did my examination lied from start to finish on her report to the DWP absolutely shameful.
    All done with the blessing of the government and the DWP

  6. Phillip Richards

    Who ever did this should be struck off, this is the problem, no one is accountable, not even the ConDems.

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