5 thoughts on “Government Still Trying To Hide Crisis Loan Replacements

  1. Patricia Roberts

    People who need these loans are usually not credit worthy,credit unions wont loan to people who are not credit worthy,they also want a passport or driving licence,another joke. Who can afford a passport or drive a car when they cant even feed their family????

    1. tanith

      sorry patricia i happened to be a few yrs ago 1 of those people who had to apply for 1 and i mite add I AM CREDIT WORTHY AND OF GOOD MORALE CHARACTER on both occasions i got 1 from them i had had to live in a battered wives hostal for many mnths with my 2 kids thank yu very much and i got a lot of help from those authorities also the council i was given a house AND 1000 400 pds to furnish it on 2nd occasion it was yrs later and again i was helped so dont judge people until YU know all the damn facts with yur holier than thou attitude goodbye

      1. Mike Sivier

        Can I just head this off at the pass before it becomes personal. Everyone is allowed to have a different point of view – but stating it in a way that is likely to cause offence will not help anyone’s case! We can respect each other’s opinions without agreeing with them and, where we disagree, we can do so in a reasonable way, I’m sure.
        Having said that, what do other readers think?

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