7 thoughts on “Conservative conference will expose the credibility chasm at the heart of the party

  1. jed goodright

    Do we have any figures on the exact number of tories who actually made it to Manchester – finding where it is on the map, booking the correct train, buying the right hotel …..???

  2. sibrydionmawr

    Sadly there are still far too many people who will continue to swallow this disgusting Tory rhetoric, especially given that there is absolutely no opposition voiced by their increasingly supine Labour allies.

    Whilst it’s disgusting that the Tories are implementing policies that will undermine the viability of our beloved NHS we need to remember that the Tories are merely implementing policies introduced by the equally culpable Labour Party – for anyone interested, and who has a fair bit of time, a search of YouTube for Dr Lucy Reynolds will prove enlightening.

    We need to be very afraid – of ANY political party taking office at the next general election, and it will make little difference whether it’s a Labour, Tory or UKIP regime that takes up the reins next – it will be very bad for anyone who isn’t classified as rich.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Disagree with you about Labour, who have set the agenda with the energy price freeze announcement. Labour are AT LAST starting to go in the right direction.

      Labour have also vowed to reverse the privatisation of the NHS.

      The trick is to stop thinking about these political organisations as “them”. They are open for anyone to join and, once in, you can start working to make a difference.

      Too many people are happy to give up responsibility for their political lives – look at the USA, where some states have just one or two activist members of the political parties (according to Beastrabban’s blog) but this just means that they can’t blame anyone other than themselves for what happens.

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