Tory Fascist Lie Machine The Daily Mail Has Met Its Match

Was David Cameron on the TV news supporting Ed Miliband’s position on this matter? Interesting, that, considering his friendship with the Fail’s chairman…
This is for those who don’t read the Daily Mail and therefore might have missed the conflict between that hack-rag and the Labour leader after it made entirely reprehensible (and unsupportable) claims about his late father. Who’s in the right? Read for yourself and make up your own mind.

8 thoughts on “Tory Fascist Lie Machine The Daily Mail Has Met Its Match

  1. John Ohara

    Don’t worry dears, the well fed educated beyond any use AKA prime minister, has promised us “a land of opportunity”. Smacks of the comments in 1945/6 no work no houses no money no future, and they people had just won a war. Seems the only skill conservatives possess is dress up the old well tried lies in the hope the uninformed in this country will continue to believe.

  2. Jan Hamilton

    By trying to besmirch and character assassinate Ed Milliband’s father and thus Ed and trying to turn people against him..I rather think they may have done the reverse…people are so disgusted by this vitriolic attack they are now more sympathetic to Ed. I think he handled the whole thing very well indeed, calmly and with little fuss. We have a better measure of the man now and he has certainly grown in my respect.
    If this is the start of things to come…best brace ourselves for the onslaught at election time.

  3. John Ohara

    Really, I care less about milliband and his tiff with the Mail. Yes it’s unfair insulting and from a right wing newspaper hardly any suprise!
    However, we now have choice readers, we can buy in to Cameron’s utopian dream of a
    ” a land of opportunity” for the hard working people amongst us. Or a life of suspect socialism minus opportunity. Hhmm, so does that mean that those residing within this capitalist dream who because of illness, disability, and don’t have wealthy parents to buy education are screwed. Can you believe the arrogance of this pink cheeked wealthy fascist puppy? Personally, I’d much rather nail my testicles to a fence and hang upside down until death arrives than trust / vote / exist this boy. His continued vociferous support of IDS is a very clear indication of what lies in store if you vote for this liar.

  4. John Ohara

    I watched Quentin Letts get nailed by question time panelists and audience last night. Nice! I also watched Grant Shaps get told by an audience member and Mehdi just just what a pack of nodding donkeys and and pond life the Torys are. Shaps got a number of home truths and the smug smile was missing, he looked very uncomfortable at times this was a tough resolute audience who weren’t accepting any bull from ass wipe politicians.loved it.

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