Watch out for this Universal Jobmatch scam

Following on directly from my article on the DWP’s claims about benefit claimants going digital yesterday, I’m delighted to reblog this piece, discussing exactly the kind of scam I mentioned in the segment on Universal Jobmatch. The advice at the end is vitally important for anybody who doesn’t want to be mugged by a system that has been set up in a way that opens them up to exploitation – not only by the DWP but by unscrupulous criminals who claim to be employers.

4 thoughts on “Watch out for this Universal Jobmatch scam

  1. Thomas M

    People will end up scammed into money laundering or worse, and could even end up with a criminal record, making them unemployable for years.

      1. Thomas

        It’s one thing if people deliberately money launder, or even do it unknowingly but of their own free will, but it’s another thing to be forced into it by the DWP and then get blamed and fined/jailed.

  2. David Litherland

    There is currently a Judicial Review initiated by a member of the public under way and if anyone would like to share their experiences and make a real difference then please contact [email protected]. Thanks

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