28 thoughts on “‘Papers, please!’ Harsher laws for immigrants could mean Nazi-style ID checks for British citizens

  1. George Berger

    I have quite bad memories of the many times I travelled from Amsterdam to places in Germany. At the borders, the German border guards boarded the trains and barked “Ausweise bitte!” (Passports please!) at everyone. In this context, ‘bitte’ is a form of command. Don’t let this dangerous (slippery slope) practice into the UK, bitte!

  2. jaypot2012

    As much as I disagree with anything this government says or does, especially Teresa May – I believe the only way forward now is to have identity cards and have to carry them everywhere. People did it during the last world war and it didn’t bother them, it was an inconvenience at first, but soon became part of their daily routine.
    Now we are fighting a war on terrorism and know that at any time this country could have attacks on it again and I fear it will be sooner rather than later as the immigration is out of hand here, and we have the Bulgarians and the Romanians coming at the end of the year. They are going to cause more hardship but one thing is for certain, they will cause more crime as they abide by no laws.
    I have absolutely nothing to hide, I am a subject of her majesty, a citizen of the UK – although that may change if we get the Yes vote in Scotland – I don’t break any laws and have never done so, I am disabled and on benefits of which I am ashamed of and other than that, I live a very quiet life with my husband who is also disabled. I am sure that millions of people in the UK are just like me but without such a boring life 🙂 and those who work.
    I really do believe that identity cards are the next step we need for out of control immigration, illegal immigrants, sweat shops, drug suppliers, forced prostitution, ect. etc.

      1. Thomas M

        Why should everybody be bothered because of a handful of terrorists and some immigrants, most of which just want a better life?

      2. AM-FM

        “I believe the only way forward now is to have identity cards and have to carry them everywhere.”

        Yeah, and road blocks and check points at all intersections – can’t be to careful were security is concerned.

        And please correct you name, you’ve written “jaypot”, instead of “crackpot”.

    1. corsetedbitch

      The war on terror is a farce thought up to give America control of oil reserves in countries such as Iraq.
      Might I also remind you that many of the acts of terrorism committed in this country were conducted by British citizens so I fail to see ID cards as a solution.

    2. Mick Ruhland

      jaypot2012, if I have to show my papers at a checkpoint, just going from A to B, then we’ve lost! International terrorists, arms dealers, money launderers and pimps aught to be stopped at the border! And banged up with the politicians and bankers who are laughing, all the way to the bank.
      You’re right about sweatshops and forced prostitution, but I’d rather have the Health and Safety Executive and the Vice Squad than the Gestapo.
      Thanks for posting though, keep reading and writing.

  3. aussieeh

    I always thought that the police were there to uphold the law and catch criminals, yet there in the photograph, are two of the biggest lying, thieving, corrupt, fraudulent, racist, fascist, treacherous, scumbags ever to breath in the British air. Hypocrisy or what.

  4. David Quinton

    ID cards are NOT the way forward. The system Labour wanted was highly flawed and prohibitively expensive. And guess what? Cameron and co binned soon after coming to power. They will not bring them back. Forcing people to carry papers and ID cards is making this seem like Nazi Germany. We are not that. We are an alleged democracy. If we are using papers and ID cards as a way to weed out illegals then that is cheap shot those individuals and it’s using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Do you seriously think jaypot that Joe Public belives ID cards/papers are fair on them?

  5. Colin M. Taylor

    ANY scintilla of confidence in the Government would be an Increase…

    As for Jaypot’s ideas:

    The War on Terror is an illusion,dreamed up by Authoritarians to get the populace to accept ever tighter restrictions on our freedoms and to justify waging War on Iraq to:
    A: Guarantee US Fuel Supplies
    B: Ensure the strength of the US Dollar- Saddam was deposed,NOT because he was a Tyrant but because he was threatening to sell his Crude Oil in currencies Other than the Dollar.
    This claim that “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to Fear” is, at best Disingenuous. If that was true, why have the Politicians spent so much time, effort and OUR money trying to hide their activities from the public?
    I have nothing to hide; why should I have to prove it?

  6. joanna

    I don’t carry any id round with me, I’m white british but so what? why should I prove who or what i am, if anyone ever asked me for ID I would look at them with contempt and walk away!!!! I aint jumping through no hoops!!!!

  7. aussieeh

    In this country we have, birth certificates, national insurance numbers, national health numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, account cards, driving licenses now with photos,some have passports, work records, school records, a provable family history, and a ton of other types of ID. A ID card will not stop terrorism, because the only real terrorists in this country, sit in the house of the privileged on the banks of the Thames. A great socialist stopped terrorism in this country, when she had the guts to sit round a table with the culprits and sort it out. You could ask what causes terrorism, could it be prats like the two in the photo? who invade sovereign states to steal that states resources, and murder innocent men, women, and babies, rather than sit round a table and do a deal. If Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, etc etc all got together and decided to invade Britain for its resources, and rid the citizens of the fascists tyrants in government, and we people fought back what would we be? freedom fighters or terrorists. Terrorism only exists in the minds of the government, because they cause it, it gives them the excuse to steal even more taxpayers money to fight their phoney war and bring out another form of control. Mo Mowlam stopped terrorism in this country, then Bliar through greed and corruption brought back another states freedom fighter. I had a go Mike but I’m not as eloquent as you.

  8. Soylent Jude

    “Will you accept my union membership card or my Tesco Clubcard? Nope, can’t find the Clubcard, union card’s in the wrong (pre-divorce) name, and my library card’s expired.”
    “Driving licence?”
    “No, can’t drive.”
    “Don’t have one: never go abroad.”
    “Nectar Card? Labour party membership card?”
    “I’m sorry madam, I’m going to have to take you to the airport and put you on the next plane out of the country.”
    “But I was born here!”
    “Ah, but you can’t prove it!”

  9. @Clutter2

    Eloquent enough 🙂

    Making it impossible to obtain a driving licence won’t stop illegal immigrants driving. If they’ve the bottle to go under the radar they’ll not worry about little inconveniences like driver’s license & insurance & MOTs.

    Do illegal immigrants have UK bank accounts? It may be a doddle slipping past the border agency but legal residents have to jump through hoops to open a bank account and provide a back story from when they left the womb. How does someone with iffy credentials manage?

    I imagine any landlord trying to do what the border agency can’t will be charged with racial discrimination.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I thought the driver’s licence issue was about whether they had a licence in the first place and if so, whether it was valid & could be used to check status. If not – out they go.

      Your comment on bank accounts is relevant, and I think landlords will start refusing people from certain ethnic groups as a result, courting accusations of racism.

      1. @Clutter2

        On WATO Ms. May was bigging up Immigration bill by denying “rights to driving licenses & bank accounts” to illegal immigrants in addition to forcing landlords to verify their details.

        *Thought – would people taking in lodgers be defined as landlords & expected to comply?

  10. Joe Ohara

    We have photo IDs Jaypot when did you last check a driving licence or Passport?

    The real task is return control of our MPs and local councils to us, the public. Not the scheming greedy lying self righteous expense stealing fraudulent career aware money grabbing rotten stinking politicians infesting our country with their divisive tactics to keep us occupied whilst they involve us wars, allow bankers to free with uncontrolled bonuses and ensure we watch each other not them

  11. Colin M. Taylor

    Caption: “as you can see Madam,the Red Light shows that your alcohol Level exceeds the Legal Limit.I am therefore arresting you for Legislating under the influence of Alcohol. You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in Court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

  12. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    In this piece, Mike reports and comments on the Coalition’s further attempts to turn Britain into a surveillance society through attempts to force landlords and banks to check the immigration status of customers and tenants. Overseas students would also be responsible for NHS costs for treatment. There are also plans to streamline the deportation appeals process, which Mike believes will, if current practice is any guide, actually mean that the deportation process will become even more unfair. On the other hand, the government has absolutely no intention of increasing border controls, or combat the forced labour or lack of enforcement of the minimum wage under which illegal immigrants have literally been enslaved. The Migrants’ Rights Network has declared that the evidence refutes the government’s argument that immigrants are drawn here by Britain’s ‘generous’ benefits system. The BMA has also said that any system for recovering treatment costs from those not eligible for NHS care would be nightmarishly bureaucratic. The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association has condemned May’s plan to fine landlords not performing the immigration checks up to £3,000 as unworkable, and ‘intrusive, bullying, ineffective and expensive and likely racist and unlawful to boot’. The Residential Landlords’ Association is also worried about the potential to introduce a 404 type European ID document as part of the scheme. They fear that some landlords would refuse to house immigrants because of fear of being penalised by the government for infringement of this legislation. This has been the fear of such schemes for a very long time, and I intend to blog about this in my next post. In the meantime, a spokesman from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has also attacked the scheme for threatening to divide Britain into a two-tier society, and returning to the days of ‘No dogs, no blacks, no Irish’, and refusing health care to those in genuine need.

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