2 thoughts on “Definitive video shows Plebgate should not damage confidence in police

  1. hstorm

    The problem for the police with the video footage is that it contradicts a crucial bit of evidence against Mitchell; the police claimed they’d received an email from someone who had been in a crowd of tourists outside the Downing Street gates and had seen Mitchell’s outburst. The contents of the email supported the police version of what happened, leaving Mitchell in an untenable position. However, when the CCTV footage was analysed in December, it showed that there had been no crowd of tourists outside the gate at the time of the argument. It later emerged that the email had been written and sent by a policeman working in the Diplomatic Protection Group i.e. the very officers who guard the gates in Downing Street. And he was NOT on duty there on the evening of the argument.

    Sure, Mitchell’s an unpleasant guy, and I certainly feel no urge to defend him, but there is PLENTY in ‘Plebgate’ to undermine confidence in the police.

    1. mrbridger

      Clearly, you haven’t been paying much attention to this story… Why is it that you refer to the absence of ‘crowds’?

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