7 thoughts on “The imposition of a fact free political life on the real world is criminal incompetence, at best.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I think these are written more so that people will be able to say Cameron had the opportunity to read them – so he’ll only have himself to blame for ignoring them.

      1. Stephen Bee

        I’ve followed Keith and his Journey for awhile and with 500+ DAILY letters written so far..I think they should be made into a book and published for all future generations to read and understand the folly of this governments policies. This is a History Lesson in the making…!

  1. Big Bill

    Is this the Keith Ordinary Guy bloke? Good luck to him if it is, or even if it isn’t. However, Parliament knew all about the lack of single-bedroomed housing available when it passed these laws as that very fact was brought up in one of the Houses. I watched it on tv. It was suggested strongly that since that was the case this was simply a way of taking money away from people, as indeed it is. Freud’s pleading of ignorance then is entirely inappropriate. No serious political system would continue to tolerate his presence, nor that of Duncan-Smith. There’s our real problem, our system of governance is no good to us. What can we replace it with?

  2. PendanticGeek

    The model had to be reconstructed from facts given in a number of FOIs because the DWP would not disclose the full costing model when requested to do so.

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