Houses of Parliament for sale on ebay

Crumbling edifice for sale – going cheap. Could be turned into social housing or bed-and-breakfast for the homeless very cheaply. Hundreds may sleep there at any time (day or night). ‘Help to Buy’ applications may be made via G. Osborne Esq. at the same address.

9 thoughts on “Houses of Parliament for sale on ebay

  1. montybest

    Sorry Ebay, Parliament has already been bought by;

    The Bankers, Hedge Funds, Miliitary Equipment Manufacturers, Privatised Water companies, Millionaires, Billionaires, Mates of Call me Dave, Mates of Gideon, Gas companies, Royal Mail, the US & German health companies, Privatised NHS, Privatised Acadamies, Oil companies, KPMG, all companies evading avoiding taxess…. Etc., etc., etc.,


  2. viv

    well I trid to buy now but it won’t let me ill look after the home less I will do bed and breakfast how many rooms has it got ??? and I would look after the poor two

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