3 thoughts on “Who’s going to question Cameron about his bedroom tax benefiting drug gangs?

  1. Jay

    Well folks aint guna go cold and hungry just because cameron wants the unemployed and disabled dead.. next thing you will hear is that cannabis will be changed to a class a drug.. its already a class b drug yet america have just decriminalised it and 1 of the south american countries has legalised it alltogether..

    1. Mike Sivier

      Reefer madness… Does anybody remember when a huge stash of cannabis was found on the Waldegrave estate in Somerset, when William Waldegrave was a frontbencher in the 1990s? Three barns-full, I think it was.
      The farmer took the blame, if I recall correctly, but I loved the idea that there could be a secret ‘pot pipeline’ to Parliament.

  2. Joe Ohara

    Don’t you think it strange that Cameron is in favour of prisoners being denied voting rights and the Government has to apply to Europe for permission to reduce fuel duty in remote areas. Equally, Cameron, Alexander etc do naff all but talk about rising gas and electricity prices, whilst the British gas CEO takes his two million pounds bonus. Is it time to get these tossers on the streets for stoning?

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