Inhuman policies.

This morning one of VP’s regular commenters (rightly) upbraided me for elevating Iain ‘Returned To Unit’ Smith to the status of “gutter vermin”.
In this letter, Keith Lindsay-Cameron describes him as an “amoral beast” with “perverted hatred” of the poor. Perhaps this is a better description.
It seems strange that ‘RTU’ should wish to punish people who claim benefits when they are needed, considering he is a former benefit scrounger himself.

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3 Thoughts to “Inhuman policies.”

  1. Big Bill

    He’s a benefit scrounger now, his wife’s family claim for their land holdings. That would be the land they let him live rent-free on. There’s plenty of talk about how the hardworking taxpayer can no longer afford to pay for spare bedrooms people don’t need so why are they expected to pay for spare land people don’t need?

  2. What a wonderful truthful letter I applaud with all my heart the person who wrote this, being disabled myself I fear for my future but letters like this lift my spirits

  3. […] Reblogged from Social Awareness: A letter a day to number 10. No 542. Friday 18 October 2013. Inhuman policies. Shares are encouraged and welcomed.  […]

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