The re-emergence of absolute poverty in Britain

I was going to write an article on this but haven’t had time. I did want to raise the point that David Cameron loves talking about the rise of food banks under Labour – that their use increased 14-fold in the years up to 2010. What these statistics show is that, under his tenure, food bank use have increased by a massive 109 times the number that were originally using them in 2005-6. In that year, food banks were used by 2,814 people; in 2009-10, the last year of Labour government, they were used by 40,898. This year – under Cameron – that total has rocketed to 346,992.

8 thoughts on “The re-emergence of absolute poverty in Britain

  1. Rachel

    food prices are constantly rising endlessly how much is too much to pay for a loaf of bread or a pint of milk….the basics of the basics of food.

  2. Joe Smith

    I read that the MP for Bolsover gave our incompetent prime minister several home truths about Atos and it’s activities. Our erstwhile well fed pink cheeked PM was as usual arrogant and dismissive and NOT listening. Stating that “we wish to ensure that benefit applicants are entitled” this begs the question, in view of Cameron’s cover ups of his texts to a female press editor, his attempts to get us involved in another war, his continual protection of the Fascist Ian Duncan Smith, plus his general lack of both competence and integrity. Is this a man we want as leader of our country bearing in mind he was not voted in. He wormed his way in via a back door deal. Remember also the broken promises, referendum on EU. Control of energy companies, tighter controls over rail company fares, he’s a congenital liar get rid of him let’s move on.

  3. hugosmum70

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