4 thoughts on “The PIP 20 metre rule remains intact

  1. jeffrey davies

    ids said there are 600 000 that hesgoing to get off benefits how come this figure has theres 600000 in the mobility scheme hold on you say nah hes doing it with pips no onesgoing to claim it has you have to be that eyeball on the cushion but still say you can blink yes another ids ploy to deny

  2. jed goodright

    Can the government (joke, I know) now please explain why it is that disabled people have been isolated as the main cause of the economic crisis in Britain over recent years? We know of the scroungers and the skivvers, but why pick on the most vulnerable and not the bankers? and yourselves of course?

    This is treachery, leaked out without any notice, I saw the PDF last night and was shamed that this this is Britain in 2013, happy f*cking paraolympic legacy – it’s not my country anymore

  3. Joe Smith

    This coalition bunch of misfits toadys corrupt pack of self seeking liars. Is dismantling this country’s system bit by bit. I had an Atos assessment a year ago. Regarding the question “how far can you walk”? I answered 20-25 yards, the Atos liar wrote 80 mts. When challenged The Atos medical officer said not important, we’ve considered all appeal rejected. So if they believe a lying doctor ( there was a witness)also disregarded, there’s little or no chance.

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