4 thoughts on “This graph shows wholesale energy costs are not the reason our bills have been going up

  1. jezzerydoo

    Seems pretty straightforward to me: Miliband says Labour would freeze energy prices, within a month energy prices SHOOT up, and probably will again before 2015 so that if Labour WERE to get in (unlikely because of Tory dirty tricks I reckon) and freeze prices they’ll STILL be laughing all the way to the bank. Pre-emptive action. Simple, and I thought a month ago “You daft pillock, you shouldn’t tell them that NOW, that’ll only make them artificially inflate prices long before there’s any question of Labour taking the government reins”. Wish I’d been wrong. But people need to circulate your graph far and wide, to put the lie to this “ooh sorry, we couldn’t help it – wholesale prices doncha know” crap that NO-ONE believes. Your graph has to go viral. Might help. Or might get you assassinated, who knows?

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’m not worried; it’s Tom’s graph.
      It’s entirely possible that this action by the energy companies, which the public has rightly concluded is a mean-spirited attempt to screw as much profit out of them as possible before any price-freeze happens, will be a nail in the coffin of their period as privatised utilities.
      When a member of the public asked, on Question Time last week, whether it was time for the energy companies to be re-nationalised, the suggestion was met with rapturous applause.
      This decision can only harm the reputation and the viability of the energy companies as private entities. Let them do what they want. They’ll pay for it, a little further down the line.

      1. Eunice Slyfield

        Better sooner than later. Because there is going to be thousands Dying with in with the cold .and many more in debt.

  2. Lilian El-Doufani

    they’re a bunch of crooks. It is all short-termism driven by shareholder value. We, the customer, are the milk cows.

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