3 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead On The Welfare Reform Gravy Train – Here Comes Mass Workfare

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  2. Darren Kennyford

    Makes you really wonder why money is not put to far better use like Apprenticeships or work based qualifications. Whose pockets are they really lining, and why?

  3. b-b-p

    Before the last Election Cameron and Clegg jointly wrote the Coalition Programme for Government.
    They entitled it Freedom ,Fairness & Responsibility .They set out the reforms to everything from Banking to Universities and Further Education 116 categories in all ,it was updated in 2012.Let us take two examples from two categories Banking and Civil Liberties .We all know what happened to Tuition Fees .
    Banking –we will give the Bank of England control of Macro-Prudential Regulation ,basically to give the BoE regulation to reduce the risk of financial instability .’Why should a Financial Privately owned Company have Laws made for them to protect themselves at the expense of others’ .
    Civil Liberties – We will protect the Historic Freedoms of Defence by Jury .’So why introduce CCP’s Closed Court Procedures whereby you have no Representation and appear before a Judge in Private’.
    Scrapping of the ID Card scheme and the storage of Internet and Email Records – ‘GCHQ and the USA’s NSA have the latest hi tech knowledge to monitor billions of internet items per second and share this information .But at least they are admitting our Emails are recorded and stored’ .
    A ban order will be introduced for stronger consumer protections ,including measures to end unfair Bank and Financial transaction charges .’My Bank must come from another planet because it’s unfair charges are still in place’.
    Why put all this BS in print ,it has to be for a reason ,who are they trying to impress it certainly isnt us because we know anything a Government does is not in our favour nor has any of the above.BSB

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