Lib Dems again come last in local by-election – with just 19 votes!

Besides Tom’s comments, several other things are notable here: UKIP seems to be a genuine player on the political scene, coming second in this by-election. There has been speculation that the anti-Europe party could forge an alliance with the Tories, but on a performance like this, why would they bother making a deal with the party that came (here) a very poor fourth?

14 thoughts on “Lib Dems again come last in local by-election – with just 19 votes!

  1. Florence

    Saw Marie Le Pen on TV last night – the same is happening in France, too. The far right is rising fast and we need to be vigilant against this tide. The fascists and thugs are making the same power play that was successful in an austerity-wracked Germany in the 1920s. At least Greece has banned the Golden Dawn, but there will never be any stomach for such bans in the UK. If anyone considers UKIP to be a bunch of swivel-eyed loons they should read their manifesto, look at the voters patterns and start to be very afraid. They will be the main beneficiaries of a discredited Tory party and a rabid right wing press. They appeal to those who do not enquire but instead take comfort from the DM manipulation of prejudice and fear.

      1. derek flaunty

        That’s strange, I would consider anyone thinking of voting for a Labour party who nearly ruined this country & who wants to take us back to 1970s style Socialism as a loony!

      2. Mike Sivier

        Fortunately the current Labour Party saved this country from the bankers’ idiocy and has no intention of taking us back to 1970s style government.

        Define ‘Socialism’ in your own words.

      3. Alan

        Good old New Labour and its bringing in Atos, and whilst attacking the disabled it would bring in zero hour working and tax credits to benefit their rich business friends, whilst opening the flood gates of immigration to cheap labour, whilst shouting from the house tops that immigration is good for us, immigrants taking the jobs that we refuse to do, like pick pocketing, scamming cash machines, cloaning credit and debit cards, drive around with no licences, no tax, no insurance, on a scale never seen before, whilst Hindi sits in a council office, or behind a desk in another publicaly funded institution, because we apparently do not like to do such jobs, administration.

      4. Alan

        In what way behind the times seeing that what New Labour brought in is still being implimented? Do not tell me a New Labour supporter. When I see Tony Blair and his party hang for crimes against humanity, tried in the Hague, then I might vote Labour, old Labour

      5. Mike Sivier

        No; your attitude to immigrants belongs in the 1960s and is lacking in factual detail. Read my pieces ‘Xenophobia’ or ‘Sleepwalking out of the EU’ for some more up-to-date information.

  2. Alan

    Just been looking at UKIP on You Tube, knowing little about them. What I have so far found is honesty, up-front speaking, in contrast to the waffle and prevarication of the rest of the parties. At least it appears that what you get with UKIP is up-front, and not like the rest, hiding behind words that you know they are doing, likes foxes, you chase their tales. What we have in power, and what we had in New Labour, amounts to a bunch of reprobate silver, good for nothing, but the scrap heap.

    1. Mike Sivier

      That’s an interesting point of view. I’d agree that you get up-front speaking with UKIP, but honesty? That has yet to be seen. Also, you make no mention of the main bone of contention with UKIP – are they even further right-wing than the Tories and therefore even more dangerous? And are UKIP members entirely desirable as candidates to represent us? Look at the chap who made the disparaging remarks about women at their conference. He got the push but how far did he represent the UKIP rank and file?

      1. derek flaunty

        Godfrey Bloom made a joke at conference in a room containing many women who laughed at his humour & didn’t take offence because they realised that being of a certain age he used a word that used to mean something different, its a shame that the only way we can be attacked is by politically correct people, using narrow minded parameters instead of concentrating on the issues which are proving so popular to more enlightened people. I have no problem with what he said other than it played into the hands of people looking for scraps to use against us!

      2. Alan

        Sorry. I should not have used the word honesty without qualification. Roger Helma is ex Tory. Enough said, who called those opposed to fracking eco-freaks. They will not get my vote

    2. Florence

      From the UKIP Site:

      “It is intolerable that a large number of people choose to abuse the benefits system. Many people now see the benefits system, with its elaborate system of entitlements and payments as an alternative to work. This gives rise to a parasitic underclass of “scroungers”, which represents both an unreasonable tax burden on the working population and is a factor in many social pathologies such as crime, anti-social behaviour and educational under achievement.”

      “UKIP will require those seeking certain benefits to take part in “workfare” schemes i.e. some kind of work such as litter collection or graffiti removal. These schemes will be decided upon and run by local councils. See Appendix 3.”

      ” The welfare state has also created a brazen culture of benefit “scrounging”, whereby individuals who are perfectly capable of working refuse to do so, and go on benefits instead. They frequently justify this by feigning illness. As well as promoting laziness and parasitism, the benefit system allows lucrative avenues for fraud and deceit.
      From UKIP Policy for General Election 2010.”

      And that’s just a taster of their attitude to benefits. There is equally rabid stuff on every area of policy.

      Pretty straight talking – straight from the mouth of IDS, via Farage, to the detriment of us all. Don’t know about anyone else, but I find it really obnoxious, and throughout UKIP documents there is not even the slightest attempt to support these assertions with any data.. Most UKIP voters have no idea of these policies, those I know tend to think of it as just a way of sticking 2 fingers up at the Tories.

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