The EDM featured in this entry is one that deserves support from all sides of Parliament – and, it turns out, has it; there are Labour members, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives among the signatories.
The fact that the only benefit open to people on appeals is JSA makes a mockery of the process as you must be fit for work to claim it, so either an appeal falls or the claimant is committing benefit fraud by claiming it. The government will not pay ESA for the period during which a person is waiting for their case to be reconsidered, meaning that, even if they negotiated an overdraft at the bank, they could never pay it back without cutting into their benefit money, and only then if the appeal is successful – so they would be worse-off.
It is a nightmare of Iain Duncan Smith’s concoction. The man is a maggot, eating away at the heart of our social security system.