The EDM featured in this entry is one that deserves support from all sides of Parliament – and, it turns out, has it; there are Labour members, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives among the signatories.
The fact that the only benefit open to people on appeals is JSA makes a mockery of the process as you must be fit for work to claim it, so either an appeal falls or the claimant is committing benefit fraud by claiming it. The government will not pay ESA for the period during which a person is waiting for their case to be reconsidered, meaning that, even if they negotiated an overdraft at the bank, they could never pay it back without cutting into their benefit money, and only then if the appeal is successful – so they would be worse-off.
It is a nightmare of Iain Duncan Smith’s concoction. The man is a maggot, eating away at the heart of our social security system.


  1. Big Bill

    And all the time he’s no doubt salivating at the thought of how grateful Unum will be if he can destroy that same social security system.

      1. Big Bill

        Ah, now are you including authorities like Mo Stewart, Gill Trollbaiter Thorburn etc among your sources? I wanted to explain to Mensa’s Disabled Special Interest Group (I’m a member) what was going on a year or more back so I compiled a list of articles for them to read which included the above and more. We (the SIG) did try to get the UN involved back then but they weren’t having any, said it was outside their brief, more or less. I might know an informative person or two that you don’t. It won’t hurt if I dig it out and send it on to you.

      2. Mike Sivier

        It certainly won’t. You can send it as a comment if you like – they’re all pre-moderated nowadays so it won’t make it onto the site if you don’t want it to.

      3. Big Bill

        I located it but it’s pages long. I’ll send it as is but it would be better sent to your email which I don’t have… oh and you should talk to Joe Kane as well, @joe90kane, he’s very up on Unum and ME denial, I think he also knows about how they’ve denied Gulf War syndrome. Mention Waddel etc. and the tame psychiatric mob and he’s a font of information. He’s on FB too, not hard to find.

  2. Janice

    Indeed, hope this EDM passes unhindered. Just breathtakingly cruel of IDS and that department to create such a vindictive and unsupportive system. He calls himself a Christian? What a joke (not funny).
    I wonder how my “holds nose” tory mp stands on this.. Hints how I find the link to this please? I feel another letter/email coming on. I haven’t pestered him for a few weeks.

      1. Janice

        Thank you for that!
        Mines not listed there yet and I will be writing to him to ask where he stands on this. Have a feeling he’ll be against it as he is a whip, he did vote against the government line once…..against gay marriage!


  4. argotina1

    I spoke to a job centre manager about this last Wednesday, she cannot tell me what will happen if someone who says they are too ill to work comes to the job centre for interim JSA whilst their disability claim is being reassessed. As yet she has had no special instructions and expects all to be made clear once the changes have come into effect. This was just 5 days before the new regulations begin. My heart goes out to the thousands of genuinely ill people who are going to be caught in this trap having already gone through the trauma of being so ill they cannot work followed by the tortuous process of forms, assessment, reassessment and wrong decisions.

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