Internal memos reveal fresh attacks on benefit claimants and job centre workers

Apparently Job Centre staff – these are the people who spend their entire working lives bullying benefit claimants in a bid to make them go away and never come back – are seen as a liability by government ministers because they might help claimants who have been refused benefits like ESA to appeal against the decision!
It might seem unbelievable but the facts behind this juicy revelation are well-established.
So, Job Centre staff, the question is simple: Where’s your self-respect? Are you really willing to behave like animals towards your fellow citizens – people you might have known since school or before, for the sake of a bunch of oblivious toffs who think you’re scum?

8 thoughts on “Internal memos reveal fresh attacks on benefit claimants and job centre workers

  1. argotina1

    The sad thing is that there is nobody who understands how horrible to be unemployed these days than a job centre worker. They must be terrified of being on the other side of the desk. I have a lot of sympathy for them, this is not what most of them signed up to do.

  2. Joe Smith

    Perhaps a determined intelligent erudite claimant should explain to the job centre donkeys the following
    1. The rules for charges of culpable manslaughter
    2. Just how threatening behaviour can destroy a well paid career.

      1. Mike Sivier

        The phrase you’re looking for is ‘corporate manslaughter’, and that is a matter for the courts. The UN and EU have been asked to take a view on this but they are glacially slow and they want all legal avenues in the home country to be exhausted before they do anything at all.
        Perhaps affected people/families should club together and talk to Public Interest Lawyers, as was suggested on the workfare comment thread?

  3. Maria Muller

    Maude the Fraud did a talk to the rabid frothing right wing Centre of Policy Studies ? or similar think tank …the jist of it was that literally everything was to be outsourced / privatised by 2020 …they didn’t care if tax payers money permanently went out of the country ( this is what makes me laugh about Tory faux patriotism / jingoism / xenophobia ) ……………these clerks could quite easily be TUPED initially to Steria off shore outsourcing …it’s an ideological wet dream to them ……also Letwin said he wanted non stop fear and discipline for the public sector which they’d be very hostile and vindictive towards

    Shades of the 90′s …you had Concentration Camp management …i.e. as long as someone else is in trouble and it’s not me , it’s all right …even that bastion of socialism the CBI said it was inefficent …….well yes …because the chickens come home to roost ……’ll also have Animal House management …clones and corruption

    Basically there will be a culture of fear …everyone frightened of their own shadow …….but you’ll get mediocre but very ambitious managers looking to show how mean and lean they are …looking for work in these spiv outfits .

    Everything seems to be based on bullying …..the management seems to be too autocratic , by diktat and too top down …people ask if the PCS can strike over sanctions …the response is that it would be deemed to be political ….might have to box a bit cleverer there to get round this…/

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