Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson-Brooks affair assists Crown’s conspiracy claim – Martin Hickman

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  1. b-b-p November 1, 2013 at 11:58 am - Reply

    The Hacking Saga will drag on for weeks yet but unlike Brooks & Coulson’s affair I cannot imagine Blair’s morning Briefings at number 10 with Brooks or Cameron ,Sir Ian Blair the Ex Police Commissioner and Brooks association will see the light of Day .
    As soon as a Politician repeatedly emphasises a word or a particular Phase we can guarantee that the Policy or Issue mentioned are either untrue or in trouble .
    Thatcher “this is the best Democracy in the World” Blair “Education Education Education” all I can see is that in this Non Democracy of ours School leavers have left school hardly able to read or write.
    Politicians have tried to ‘appear being on our side’ but it hasn’t worked so ID Smith has now taken it upon himself if a Court Ruling goes against the Draconian Reforms he rewrites the Law with Opposition backing which he already has .To use retroactive Laws undermines the Courts and opens the door to Fascism of which Smith studied in Italy ,this is an open fact and how he sees we should be treated .
    Why do Politicians use BS & Spin to court our vote ,because they have nothing else Positive to attract us .Their true Agenda’s will not alter our present situation and another £11.3 Billion cuts in 2015/16 are still to come –National Audit Office .BSB

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