7 thoughts on “Disabled Children Now Exempt From Hated ‘Bedroom Tax’

  1. Paul Rutherford (@PaulRutherford8)

    Disabled children requiring a bedroom for overnight carers are STILL not exempt from the Bedroom Tax and we feel it is VERY important that this distinction is made.

    We’ve had phone calls and emails from people asking how we feel now that we [Warren], are now exempt. Perhaps they only read the headlines, but inserting the word ‘some’ before ‘disabled’ may preclude misunderstanding and prompt more precise perusal of the article itself.

    We are taking the SoSWP [IDS] to High Court for a Judicial Review on this very point. See: [ http://cpag.org.uk/content/bed… ] for details.

    Our story was also featured on BBC TV’s ‘Saints & Scroungers’ this week: [ http://t.co/VBAV57vMLV ].

    This is of course an excellent victory for those affected, but not for those of us who are still awaiting our own legal battle.

    1. Mike Sivier

      And thank YOU for the clarification.
      Yet another court case for Iain Duncan Smith? No wonder he hasn’t been seen lately – he’s in court all the time!

  2. Joe Smith

    It will be put into practice but at a pace so slow the difference will barely be noticed. We are dealing with a Government and local authorities stuffed with angry resentful spiteful children. So don’t hold your breath!!!

  3. Joanna

    Mike I know this is totally off topic but did you know that Micheal Gove is a stauch supporter of Forced adoptions, poverty ridden families have been targeted mostly where babies have been placed with middle/high class families! Sadly this still goes on, if parents speak about it they are jailed because the courts are secret! http://www.forced-adoption.com/introduction.asp
    I understand if you don’t put up my comment, I just wanted to let you know about this attack on families in poverty!

    1. Joanna

      Thomas most of the children have never been harmed it is all about money. The harm happens when they are taken away from loving parents under gestapo type actions i.e children taken from their beds at 4am, some children are targeted before they are born! It isn’t a vote winner that is why it is so secret!

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