2 thoughts on “BAE announce plans to create 1,775 workshy, feckless, benefit cheats

  1. Joe Smith

    What this says to me, is simply that this conniving dishonest lying cheating scumbag government will stop at nothing in its attempt to win the next election. No trick deception or lie is beneath its ambition. The defrauded us on the way in and they are still lying to us. The moral pygmies in the coalition will stop at nothing to stay in power. And when in power the lies get bigger and more imaginative. Cameron ? Name one promise he made in public in the run up to the last election which he’s kept he didn’t obtain either a majority or clear mandate in May 2010, this is Government by stealth back door deals, dubious promises to supporters (IDS) and corporate greed. Vote coalition and kiss goodbye to open honest reliable and accountable government.

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