5 thoughts on “Official reply to my complaint about MPs from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  1. Joe Smith

    And we are surprised, if you want to nail these bastards there’s only two ways. A round fired into the temple, or if that’s too extreme get together and either get them sectioned or a private well financed manslaughter charge.

  2. bob archer

    that just about sums the lot of them up as self-serving egotistical b****rds who think they are accountable to nobody. roll on 2015.

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  4. Alan

    I know. IPSA pushed my enquiry as to why Ian Paisley, D.U.P, said to owe £18500 in food allowances, was not being asked to pay back monies that it is claimed he owes.

    At present I am battling it out with the Parliamentary Health Ombudsman, who are seeking to hide a complaint against two so called care workers and NHS department. I may yet be, as stated to them, that I shall have to take out a Commercial Lien against the offenders, and ultimately expose a deceitful Ombudsman

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