Let’s be clear – Tory and Lib Dem MPs have decided terminally ill patients should work or starve

It’s easy to pigeonhole Tom Pride as a satirical humourist, and that’s why this piece is as powerful as it undoubtedly is. In it, Tom highlights the plight of the terminally ill, who are being told to work or starve, with an all-too-predictable result.
Powerful words.

8 thoughts on “Let’s be clear – Tory and Lib Dem MPs have decided terminally ill patients should work or starve

  1. C.mcculloch

    have you the info from the freedom of information where it states tHAT 1600 people died within 6 weeks of being taken off disability allowance? Thank you in advance.

  2. Joe Smith

    Get the names of the MPs involved, let’s name shame embarrass then bombard them with letters offering to vote against. B****rd scum

  3. marlene

    dosent surprise me……….work until you drop so that you wont get your pension…..but do it for no money……….only work to keep those dictators in luxery…….if there is a god it should come on them and bite them in the backside!

  4. anon

    Some emerging information about WCA errors:

    From Sheila Gilmore MP’s website:

    Up to now we thought that the [WCA] assessment was getting about one in ten fit for work decisions wrong – far too many in most people’s eyes – but now we know the Government have been fiddling the figures, the reality could be much much worse.

    … Ministers led us to believe they were publishing figures that showed the number of people awarded benefit immediately after assessment and before ANY appeals. It now turns out that informal appeals to officials – as opposed to formal ones to judges – were being taken into account.

    This has clearly masked the true extent of the failings in the ESA assessment process.

    This revelation follows the omission of the number of successful appeals from October’s round of figures.

    Taken together, these events suggests that rather than trying to fix the test to reduce the number of incorrect decisions, Ministers’ priority is to fix the figures to downplay the extent of the problem.

    More here:

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