2 thoughts on “Cameron’s (secret) deal to open immigration door to UAE citizens

  1. Joseph smith

    Just who the feck does this arrogant wealthy Fascist b…..d think he is? We’ve got to rid ourselves of him and his like before they destroy our country. To that and be able stand a chance of ridding ourselves of any future incompetent lying government we need to over turn the Parlimentary five year act, this act brought in in 2011 guarantees a government or coalition a five year term however stupid bent corrupt they are. We are stuck with them. This act also restricts a no confidence vote only to the cabinet, the public has no say whatsoever. Add to this the governments covert plan to further restrict public gatherings particularly protests and it’s not hard to see where this bunch of Fascists are heading. Mike please check this act out and feature the petitions to overturn it. Or the clocks will revert to the 1920s/30s and the Nazis with rampant Fascism.

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