6 thoughts on “The Ballardian Totalitarianism of Cameron’s Britain

  1. Joseph smith

    Yes the spineless lying cheating ones are at it again, they know, Cameron in particular knows he and they have broken every single promise made in the run up to the last election they didn’t win! They must now assume that by deleting records of what they said and promised we will forget. Idiots! We won’t. Cameron is a consummate liar I saw him grandstanding whilst on a taxpayer funded jolly to Sri Lanka offering huge sums of taxpayers money to the Phillipines. This is money which would be better spent within our borders, and money for the Phillipines raised by public subscription, but then Cameron would have lost a golden opportunity to self promote!

  2. Chris Tandy

    If only your wise words could find larger audiences among the population, Mike.
    A fascinating read and, moreover, a very good summation of J G Ballard.

  3. Thomas M

    Soon people will only be able to legally protest in a field set up for the purpose miles away from anywhere and anyone. Still, if you block the steam coming out of a kettle, it explodes, so the Tories could be making it worse for themselves in the long run.

  4. Boz

    “VP’s audience IS growing, though – last week, the site had nearly 58,000 hits.”

    yeah but 57,731 of them was me, innit?

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