7 thoughts on “Interview with a Job Centre Advisor: sanction targets & corruption revealed

  1. Big Bill

    I read this earlier, it’s alarming stuff. When you consider people are starving out there for no good reason it’s plain IDS should be in irons, if not the ground. Still, early days 🙂

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  3. Smiling Carcass

    I can vouch for this. Not only am I a fairly well-built chap, I also take no shit and am, I say modestly, fairly intelligent, so I could (and often did!) argue on their own terms my case, often making them look stupid. I also, when once threatened with sanction, said go ahead and watch the shit hit the fan. (I was doing a part time uni course, HNC and HND in Applied IT Tuesday and Thursday evenings, at my own expense and they tried to say I wasn’t available for work.)

    I wasn’t sanctioned.

  4. julia

    they just stop a girl i know coz she been ill 3 time she is homeless and pregnant and coz she was in hospital and and they kept her in over night they making her claim all over again even tho she tuck proof of bein in hospital need advice 2 try n help her she as know family homeless and now know money any advice wou b gr8 ty

    1. Big Bill

      He’s useful. While IDS has got the papers asking whether wealthy pensioners should lose their bus passes they aren’t asking why people are given grants and subsidies purely for owning land. He provides a very useful distraction.

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