1 thought on “Letter to Nick Clegg from defence contractor asking for endorsement

  1. beastrabban

    Someone once pointed out that we were very close to the future world depicted in the ‘Terminator’ films, with pilotless, killer aircraft – drones – and a series of killer robots produced by one military company. I think that was the Koreans, and as soon as they advertised it, everyone else nearly had a fit. They were told very firmly by other scientists around the world, who no doubt saw something very much like Dr Who’s Daleks taking over, or the War Machines from the Patrick Troughton story. Given the way science fiction seems to be becoming reality, I think that the company could have been given a more suitable name. Like ‘Skynet’, possibly. On the other hand, that would mean that Clegg himself could be seen as a murderous robot intent on destroying the future of the human race, whose own humanity is only skin deep. Pretty much like Arnie in the above movie, with the exception that Arnie had muscles and charisma. He was also reprogrammed and appeared in the sequels as a hero, so absolutely no similarity to Clegg there.

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