5 thoughts on “Rich London/poor London – and the world’s best social worker

  1. jaypot2012

    But poor London does not count – poor anywhere does not count – it is just seen as a scourge that the rich have to see when going from party to party or being driven to work.
    I truly hope that “Margaret” and her family can get a holiday but more importantly, that they get to keep such a wonderful social worker. I wish them happiness and hope that they truly do get out of the mire. They are one of the lucky families to have the help that they need, all families should have the same.

  2. Big Bill

    I suspect if Boris gets his way London will become a breakaway nation. The City’s halfway there now with its own police and laws.

  3. Jeffrey Davies

    but yet again I see that the trussel trust its a tory firm who make thousands from others hunger yet they get headlines they charge each branch who uses their help and name 18000 and another 800every year thereafter yes a tory trust making money from others missery

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  5. foodbankhelper

    I think Charles Dickens would have recognised the London we’re creating. “Margaret” has such a positive approach and her devotion to her loved ones is an inspiration…I’ll try to find out how she’s getting on now. The food bank model is far from perfect, but the reality is that increasing numbers of people in this country are going hungry and rely on this emergency help. But of course we shouldn’t need food banks in the seventh richest country in the world. The Trussell Trust is calling for an inquiry into the causes of UK food poverty and the surge in food bank use. Thanks for the post Mike. Much appreciated. I’m following your blog with interest.

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