4 thoughts on “Tories – when we said “Hang Mandela” we meant it in a nice way

  1. Ian Hayes

    Bit two faced there David, ……………..but keep digging mate you must surely have reached the point of no return, politically that is, by now after the ATOS farce, your association with the gutter press, umpteen holidays while the Plebs are squeezed for every penny they don’t have and all the rest of the unsavoury things yourself and the rest of the Tory party has been involved in, since joining forced with that other two faced turncoat Clegg, who don’t forget you share this coalition farcical Government with.

    1. Joseph smith

      Couldn’t agree more, the conservatives ran a very vindictive campaign against Mandela, some years ago,which is now biting their coalition ass, Cameron could learn from Mandela, after all, didn’t Mandela win an election? Personally, I would rather trust
      An angry rattlesnake than any member of this appalling dishonest corrupt government.

  2. Alan

    A nice way. Laugh. Never heard anyone protesting that a person should hang, in a nice way. He was seeking to please his idol, Thatcher, and no one spends money on saying “I mean this in a nice way, that we should hang Nelson Mandela. Though we forgot to put it on our badges and posters. How remiss of me”.

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