IDS at W&P Select Committee – Was it worth it??

I asked Jayne (on Twitter) for her thoughts about the Work and Pensions committee meeting on Monday, and this article is a clear summary of her thoughts on the matter. The closing remarks appear to be in agreement with the sentiments I expressed in a comment following my own article – that people who have nothing to lose need to realise there is leverage in that position and start making it work for them.
It seems that we have tried playing this game their way, and fared poorly; how well well they manage, playing it our way instead?

2 thoughts on “IDS at W&P Select Committee – Was it worth it??

  1. Joseph Smith

    I agree wholeheartedly we, the disabled, the elderly, the unemployed, the people screwed by Atos, those disadvantaged by the bedroom tax, those who object to members of the House of Lords clocking in, staying for a few minutes then going and getting £300 tax free.

    But how? Perhaps naming ourselves the disadvantaged, letting the government understand clearly, we the following x hundred thousand will not vote or will actively vote against any government who:-

    Employs IDS in any capacity.
    Refuses to restore benefits
    Refuses to increase state pensions by 3% per annum or the higher of the indicies.
    Refuses to sack Atos within three months of being elected.
    Refuses to decrease the state pension age.
    Does not have a clear mandate to reduce the lazy Lords and stop the £300 per day sign in fiddle.
    Promotes the demand for IDS to be arrested and questioned on culpable manslaughter charges along with senior Atos managers.

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