2 thoughts on “Whistle While You Work (For Nothing): Positive Affect as Coercive Strategy – The Case of Workfare

  1. jed goodright

    BF Skinner would love this – I once happened to visit in a professional capacity the Northampton Mental Unit – those failing workfare for not being ‘positive’ enough would have ended up there – I also know someone locally who’s very into being ‘positive’ – a labour party freak who sees nothing that cannot be overcome – dangerous abomination without any real world, political context except the ultimate ‘control’ weapon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sends shivers down the spine in much the same way as Mind’s new video – welcome to the Third Reich part 2

  2. jed goodright

    As a rider, the espoused philosophy of authoritarianism and individualism is one that predominates American cultural and sociological study – emanating in such ‘wonderful’ nonsense like Robert Merton and his ‘role types’. it is not only the DWP that carries this mindset – you can see it everywhere – in education, in media, in sport, in the labour party – everywhere. There is no cure for the disease – it has to be cut off, removed.
    This is one of the main reasons the labour party finds it difficult to distinguish itself from the tories – they share the notions – for that is all they are. My advice to people in the labour party who have a social conscience is to leave and start a new party – nothing will be gained by remaining in it – you will be submerged. It is like a cancer
    You have to ask how the hell has this happened? But when powerful men want what they believe to be theirs (wrongly) they will go to any lengths to get it – the UK has gone back to the days of the Poor Laws and Enclosure Acts inspite of all the social gains made in the last hundred years – they are now meaningless, democracy is meaningless all that matters is the desire and claims made by the rich

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