Christmas cancelled for Gloucester disabled family after dad falls through benefit net

It has long been feared that the current benefit rules would mean people marked ‘fit for work’ by the biased and unfit-for-purpose work capability assessment system would then lose ALL state support, as the fact that they are disabled – clear to anybody except those with a vested interest in denying it – means they cannot claim Jobseekers Allowance.
The contradictory nature of the Coalition government’s benefit policy is laid bare for all to see. Perhaps another appeal to the UN or European Union on human rights grounds should now be considered?

16 thoughts on “Christmas cancelled for Gloucester disabled family after dad falls through benefit net

  1. Jeffrey Davies

    on and on it goes deaths sanctions homelessness because this government blame the poor so the poor pay with their lives when will it end bishops vicars priests all quiet on this when there are no one left to say were are the homeless were are the disabled and were are thosesanctioned jeff3

  2. jaypot2012

    It’s bloody sickening that in this day and age things like this are becoming more and more frequent!
    Today, hubby and I went shopping and we spent just under £26 on some shopping to put into the foodbank collection. We also did this last week and we are sorting out the cupboards tomorrow to take things we know we won’t eat, to the foodbank collection.
    We are both disabled and hubby gets ESA but didn’t have to go to a WCA test – for now!!
    We have both saved over the last few months knowing that we needed extra money for Christmas. Our biggest wish was to get a full leg of lamb from a proper butcher – and we got the money together for that and collect it next week 🙂 The other money we had saved for a gift each. But we couldn’t do it, we just couldn’t. The money for the presents was far better spent on food for the foodbanks so that other people could have something to eat over the Christmas.
    My purse may be a lot lighter but my heart is a lot fuller for having bought two lots of groceries for families that are in more need than I am. We are hoping that the groceries bought will go to at least 4 families, and if this Monday coming, we can get buy some more then we will.
    I was so very sad to see the stores asking for toys for children – if I had any more money to get some I would, but I can’t. Christmas is for children but they need food more to keep them alive 🙁

    1. Jeffrey Davies

      jaypot2012 its people like you who have the biggest hearts that give but they cannot see this way that the torys only like to take but thank you for your kindness to my fellow man jeff3

    1. ettyg

      Probably because no-one has told him he might be entitled. I say might because the rules are actually much more difficult to satisfy than your link suggests. JCPs have a well known history of not offering the information that one needs and in some cases of giving misinformation. Whether this is through lack of knowledge or a is a deliberate plan is open for discussion..

      1. Mike Sivier

        It seems my own MP, Roger Williams, is trying to find out why job centres in this constituency are using conflicting criteria to sanction jobseekers at the moment – that’s what he said in Parliament during the food bank debate on Wednesday, which supports your comment here; they don’t offer correct information, or give misinformation instead.

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  4. Paul Wells

    this is exactly why the Conservative government want to pull out of the European Court of human rights because they know they are in the wrong, but if there’s no court of human rights, then host to stop them starving the poor & disabled and having a good old laugh in the process

    1. Paul Wells

      then who’s to stop them(the Conservatives & Lib Dems) starving the poor & disabled and having a good old laugh in the process
      that’s what I meant to say,sorry for the mistake

  5. Robert Palmer

    I guess because the current benefits system is very complicated and IBS has cocked up the new one. Still IBS s truffles were deliver on time.

  6. rhymingmisfit

    everytime I put my e-mail and name to comment when I’ve done it says fill in required fields I have. but nope not working

    Maria Nelson


    why don’t we all try and do something if it sicken us so much, i’ve tried to set up a crowd funding campaign but couldn’t get it working with my paypal account, if we could get the money to family in time i’d quite happy to buyer them a turkey.

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