Tory MP attacks George Osborne as ‘corporatist’

A civil war in the Tory Party is always to be welcomed – with the national press mostly on their side, and the propaganda war safely won (until the much more democratic social media gain a lot more power than they have now, anyway), the Tories are their own worst enemy.

4 thoughts on “Tory MP attacks George Osborne as ‘corporatist’

  1. Alan

    The Biritish Government is a ‘Corporation’, registered with Dunn and Bradstock, so what do you expect from employees of a corporation?

    1. Malcolm Burt

      Never mind a civil war within the Tory ranks,bring it on for the people`s revolution.When public bodies at all levels from central down to local government no longer serves it`s people,it`s time for them to go..end of.It really is high time that people smell the coffee & say ” it stops right now,enough is enough.

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