10 thoughts on “UK state pension is lowest in Europe

  1. Joseph Smith

    State pension is of course topped up by a means tested “pension credit ” currently this tapers with higher savings. This government is trying to impose a limit of £16000 in savings after which it stops. What pensioners need is a pension of at least £15000 per couple per year. Tax free. This perhaps should include PC and winter fuel allowances. The difficulty with PC is the control and influence the DWP have over recipients. E.g. You can’t go overseas (winters in warm climates) for more than 13 weeks. And you are watched / observed. So let’s push for more higher pensions and the pension age to revert to 60 for females and 65 for men. If we can afford over £230 million in foreign aid plus several millions in MPs salary awards plus the wasted £50 millions on Ian Duncan Smiths negligent and wasteful plans. Plus god knows how many billions on southern airport expansions when we have underused regional airports. So come on Mike be the pensioners champion and get a petition started for living pensions.

      1. Joseph Smith

        No ! I did not, what’s replacing it, I thought it built up pensions to the Government recommended pension allowance, entitlement, benefit, of £211 per week. I had to really fight for a friend to get PC earlier this year. He’s ex military and minus pension because he was discharged because of an event whilst in service in which an armed intruder was slotted. Went on for weeks but got the guarantee and backdated to sept 2012. But didn’t know about this one, we really need to push for living standards of pension especially when these fecking idle lazy corrupt MPs want a rise of almost £160 per week and the state pension is only £147 per week, who’s taking the P…s thenp

      2. Mike Sivier

        PC was intended to bring the state pension up to £147 pw for those who don’t get that much (or thereabouts). Because the new state pension sets that as the flat rate, PC will be phased out. I did an article about it a while ago, which is not exhaustive. A commenter pointed out I could have included other things; I asked them to write a follow-up but that hasn’t happened yet.

  2. Joseph Smith

    Just been on several pensioners websites including PAG, age concern, CAB, etc etc very suprised to see NONE are campaigning for 1. A very substantial rise in state pensions to say £300 per week for a couple where one is of pensionable age. 2. Non are campaigning for the pension age to be restored to 65 for males 60 for females. I don’t know how many 63 year old people there are in this miserable dump of country but it must be more than enough to affect who does what in government and possibly who I selected.I say 63 because pensions affect them very soon and the tossers in the coalition need to remember just who they work for and why.

  3. Joseph Smith

    Mike, first have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year, and thanks for bringing issues to our attention. I wonder why various organisations who appear to act for and on behalf of pensioners are not campaigning very strongly for substantially increased state pensions. What’s wrong with them, I’m only a very few years from pension, the pensioner vote, if organised can very seriously affect who governs this /our country.
    Could they be organised in to demanding higher state pensions, and perhaps changing the Fascist benefit system

  4. natilyajames

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  5. Eric S Benard

    I am surprised with this title that UK state have lower pensions . UK is one of the leading country in financial conditions . The discussion on it is nice . I got good information about Pension.

  6. The Swans New Party

    All the big charities did a petition to get back women’s state pension at 60 were ignored and gave up. Now will not back other petitions, even on big websites like 38 Degrees, who refuse to make a better search facility for pensions, so do not get unrelated petitions in the search and miss out many pension petitions, so those writing petitions do not know there are already long standing same petitions running on 38 Degrees.

    38 Degrees will not put Pensions as a category to group together all petitions on its big website. Uninterested in pensioners really by this apathy.

    My petition is about the Pension Bill but also about the Flat Rate (Single Tier) Pension that is the biggest discrimination against women in my life-time.

    My petition grew out of the Coalition’s breach of promise not to rise retirement age for women til 2020 and men til 2016

    Both need to be signed as the Flat Rate Pension destroys pensions even more than the Pension Bill.

    See blogs to explain further:
    No political party cares less about women between 60 and 66

    Women aged 1953 and 1954 who have begun to lose state pension at 60 have left the electoral roll and will not vote for any party – NO PENSION – NO VOTE

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