6 thoughts on “The worst benefit tale yet?

  1. Joseph Smith

    This is an appalling story, surely along with the huge increase in benefit removal suicides this state organised genocide. Comments Mike.

  2. amnesiaclinic

    Yes, totally appalling. I hope you are really well to be able to take on the DWP. Lawyers, comments and advice!!! I suggest crowd-funding if you can get no legal aid. There are some Law Centres still functioning and some CAB able to keep going. Have a good think over the break and then contact Sonia Poulton at The People’s Voice. We may have enough evidence to go for it and really get this stopped.

    Good Luck!!

  3. beastrabban

    This is truly horrific, and it should be a national scandal. The fact that a pregnant woman may have miscarried due to the stress of having lost her benefit is absolutely disgraceful, and shows the Coalition’s complete lack of any civilised values or even the most basic compassion. Concern for expectant mothers and their unborn children is one of the most basic foundations of a civilised society. Many of the great reformers and feminists of the 19th century were motivated by a concern to protect and improve conditions for them so that they and their children did not have to suffer poverty, degradation and disease. Now we see that the Coalition’s desire to cut benefits has led them to reject even this.

    The film ‘Philomena’ came out a month or so ago, starring, among others, Steve Coogan. This is about Martin Sixsmith’s investigation of the case of a former unmarried mother, who was placed in the care of one of the Roman Catholic church’s charities. It’s an expose of the Church’s treatment of unmarried mothers in Ireland. There, the women were placed in the care of a particular charity run by nuns. After they had their babies, they were taken away from them and put up for adoption, with neither their knowledge or consent. The women were then forced to work in the nuns’ laundry for four years afterwards in order to pay for their care when they were pregnant. This was a major scandal in Ireland. And so should this, coming from a similar callous and punitive attitude to the very poorest and most vulnerable section of society.

  4. jeffrey davies

    well whot more have we got that shows ids is devil spawn caring not for those unfortunate that have to survive on benefits yet he takes them away there are many many more who lost their lifes because of this man and his party views jeff3

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