11 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith to undergo surgery after tests reveal severe shrinkage of the heart

  1. Joseph Smith

    Several sizes too small, that’s his Brain, the mans a heartless Fascist. Wonder if the surgeon takes bribes? This could be our opportunity to rid ourselves of a first class swine!

  2. Michael Gainey

    To the sad people who have left the most awful comments, I do hope you all have a very happy new year and continue in 2014 with what you no doubt have been all your lives— very sad A**eholes

    1. Mike Sivier

      If you don’t like the way people feel about Mr… Smith, why not write to him, asking for a policy reversal in favour of helping people instead of driving them to destitution and death? See how far you get. At the moment the reaction to him is typical of the phrase “Evil to he who thinks evil”.

    2. julia

      i don’t give a s**t what u few tory lapdog followers think!! i hope he dies a slow and painful death as he has done to others! don`t get well soon die as you have blood on your hands. u going to claim this op off the tax payer u scum…and if you’re reading this and don’t like what i have written, jog on…….

      We are only saying how we feel. If you don’t like it what the f**k are you doing on here moaning? Move to ‘we love the tories’ blog!!!!

      1. Mike Sivier

        I think you’re all taking a humorous post by Tom Pride far too seriously! The best that can be said about this is that it has revealed people’s feelings about the Work and Pensions Secretary – and if DWP employees are reading this (they monitor the site regularly), they should take note.

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