4 thoughts on “Coalition cuts NHS by £20bn – but subsidises banks with £37.7bn every year

  1. Big Bill

    Cutting everything is where Osborne’s getting the money to give to the banks, that and borrowing. It’s not supposed to make economic sense, it’s simple theft.

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  3. Joseph Smith

    We forget that NONE of the coalition clowns want or are happy with the NHS and it’s freedom of access. No, what the Fascist pigs want is a pay as you go system, can’t pay? Oh dear how sad never mind just die, us Fascists don’t want to keep the poor sick and ill people alive if they can’t pay. Always remembering that the creeping privatisation aided by cutbacks is largely owned by large corporations for whom care assistance and treatment are behind the need for profit. Make no mistake this Fascist organisation thinly disguised as government, does not want an NHS. Evidence? Look at Ian Duncan Smith, Atos, DWP and the increase in suicides up to over 4000 a year and which is rarely discussed or challenged, and requests for related information is regarded by those swines in the DWP as vexatious, (can’t be bothered nuisance request)

  4. jeffrey davies

    they getting it ready for the big sale off with Unum in the wings ready for it all those yrs waiting for this moment

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